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For the record, I am serious about the following technologies I reveal here, and as I am posting them here, I am claiming full and complete Copyright and all other applicable protections of Intellectual Property as they apply Internationally.

ALL of my technologies are easily provable, to even the harshest skeptic's satisfaction.
I deal in FACT, math, physics and provable, attainable results with an eye always cast to maximum efficiency & benefits vs. financial and energy as well as material usage.

An overview of the technology's details of construction are available down the right-hand side, below the Contact Information sidebar.

However, there is a larger picture here and toward that end I give License to any & all Nations, Corporations, Companies and Individuals to use the Solar-Wind-Battery-Alternator system described here freely and without monetary recompense.
This system is known as;

The Blackwinter System

I am publishing the necessary math here at the links below that will detail it's functionality and operational aspects to a satisfactorily high degree and ensure it's available to all.

I ask only in exchange for this License given openly and freely to all people and all Nations that I am fully acknowledged as the Creator and Originator of this technology publicly by any and all who elect to utilize it.

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Surely that is not much for me to ask in return for the solution to the looming Energy Crisis being given to all of Humanity in time to deploy it and avoid undesirable economic and social upset.
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Doing The Math...

75 MW spread over an area of 400 acres.
This is the peak daytime performance of the Solar One project in Nevada that was in the news recently.
It's producing a whopping 187.5 Kw per acre...which is simply laughable it's so ridiculous.

This is what they were crowing about in the news recently regarding the 'Future Of Solar Energy'??

Here's the problems;

1:  It's efficiency-per-acre is absolutely atrocious, embarrassing and a waste of land.

2: The mirrors it relies on are delicate and require regular, and careful cleaning which is expensive.

3: The tracking the mirrors do of the sun is only along one axis, which is a bit efficiency loss right there.

4: It burns a large amount of natural gas to keep supplying power during off-peak hours...and likely also on days when something impedes solar collection.

5: It has NO redundancy in it's design at all.

6: It's cost-per-megawatt for construction = $266 million divided by 75 Mw is; $3,546,666.66

 Those are just the major attractions regarding how catastrophically boondoggle-ridiculous it is, especially in light of The Blackwinter System.

 Now, in the spirit of 'Put-Up or Shut-Up' we'll be actively approaching and interviewing investors until we find the right person or company to work with that fits with the ideals of our company. The goal is simple; Build a small, but fully functional Grid-Energizing facility in the 20 mw range with enough available land on it's site to be used for expansion utilizing profits from it's own revenue-positive operation.
 That's right folks, this facility WILL NOT be accepting or operating under the Feed-In Tariff scheme like almost every other Solar and Wind based generating facility.

 Once we get the facility built, and it'll be generating power as soon as it's one-fifth complete, we'll begin work immediately -or as 'immediately' as possible- on expanding it to demonstrate the true capability of The Blackwinter System to the world as well as research and development on other truly Clean and sustainable power systems in development right now in our R&D section as well as the various applications for electric vehicles that The Blackwinter System is ideally suited to meet the requirements of.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Competition...

This idea operates on a loosely similar concept, albeit a completely different method of generating power after the sun goes down than the principles my technology is built upon.

Also, it does not make any use of the abundant energy found in wind.

Still, it does prove the general idea I'm operating on regarding 'after dark' operations.